Saturday 21 December 2013


I'm so excited that I had to take a screen shot of the news!
Today, officially, is my highest ever ranking for Weak at the Knees.
#61 bestselling book today. Yippeeee...........
HOORAY, LET'S CELEBRATE. The champagne is on me.................And thank you Santa


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Friday 20 December 2013


For two weeks starting from now and to last over the Christmas period, Weak at the Knees is being massively reduced in price as part of a special, festive offer.

In the US it will cost just 99 cents:

In the UK it has been reduced to a bargain 77p:

It's for two weeks only. Miss it, miss out.
Please help spread the word.

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope that Santa brings you everything you want!


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Thursday 19 December 2013


Sometimes we do things that we would never imagine doing.
And this was one of them. I looked like an idiot, and at times I felt like an idiot. Not to mention the sore arms. But do you know what? I had the MOST FUN EVER!! And I never thought I would ever get up so close and personal with the River Thames.............especially not in fancy dress!

I'm the one on the right by the way. REALLY not looking my best. Actually, not really looking like ME at all! And Big Ben certainly has a starring role in this pic too. 
I did this for a newspaper article in the Sunday Express. Check it out:

Hope you can read this!

And wishing you all a very happy Christmas too!

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Monday 9 December 2013


It's not often one gets a chance to race against their childhood hero, but that's what happened when I went on my family ski holiday last year. I visited a resort in Austria (Bad Kleinkircheim) which is home to 5 times downhill ski champ, the legendary Franz Klammer. As luck would have it, my stay coincided with an annual event - anyone who wanted to could race against Franz Klammer, to see if they could beat his time!
Well, I jumped at the chance to have a go - the only problem was I hadn't skied for a year and my ski legs hadn't yet had a chance to return before I was faced with the scary slalom course. But I did it, AND I met Franz afterwards and had a chance to chat! And here is the man - still a charmer with the ladies and happy to pose for the camera! You can read all about it in this article:

 Well, this was one of those 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments which you don't expect to happen. I'm sure my son would be just as excited to play football against David Beckham! 

There is even a black slope in resort, a world cup downhill ski run, named after Franz. 
Let me tell you, it was absolutely PETRIFYING! I'm a pretty competent skier, but the surface was icy and hard (it hadn't snowed for ages) and there were lots of hard tiny ice balls. HORRID!
But there is, of course, one way to get over the adrenaline rush: 
Ah, much better. And finally, one great family photo: 
The children are getting a bit useful on skis and are even now able to whoosh down black runs. Although NOT the very tricky Franz Klammer black run!

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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Do Frenchmen make better lovers?!

by Jo Kessel

  1. CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE WINE – this is one of France’s finest red wines. It comes from the Rhone wine region of South Eastern France and is wonderfully deep-bodied and velvety. So much so that I named the book’s male love interest – Olivier du Pape – after the wine. Oh, and you can win a bottle of it as a prize if you enter my competition!
  2. NON, JE NE REGRETTE RIEN – Translated this means: ‘No, I have no regrets’. It’s an iconic French song by the singer Edith Piaf, one of France’s greatest ever international stars. She became famous after World War 2 and her voice is really distinctive. This song is one of my favorite’s of hers. It’s got so much emotion in it and the lyrics are very pertinent to Weak at the Knees’ plotline.
  3. PAIN AU RAISINS – French bakeries are sensational. No-one makes a pain au raisins (a cross between a Danish pastry and a croissant filled with gooey custard and raisins) like a French bakery. Nope, I have yet to find a pain au raisins outside of France which tastes anything like the real French deal. This is what heroine Danni has for breakfast nearly every day and whenever I go to France, I have to admit that this is what I like to start the day with too.
  4. PERNOD – this is a French liqueur which tastes (and smells) of liquorice. The French drink it diluted with water and it’s a very acquired taste. I have to admit that it’s never been something I’ve taken to. In Weak at the Knees, Danni’s roommate Gina cooks up a carrot dish with Pernod in it, because it’s allegedly an aphrodisiac.
  5. MA BICHE – This looks a little bit rude (and sounds a bit like the word ‘bitch’) but ‘Ma Biche’ is actually a lovely French term of endearment. It literally means ‘my deer’ (as in the cute furry animal) but the French often use this word instead of ‘darling’. Olivier calls Danni ‘ma biche’ the whole time.   
  6. VIN CHAUD – this is mulled wine, and a delicious wintry drink served in bars in France, designed to warm you up from the inside out. In the French Alps, after a cold day’s skiing or hiking, nothing is nicer than to settle down with a hot glass of mulled wine (which has a fruity cinnamon aroma) by a warm log fire. Danni likes to do this in Weak at the Knees.
  7. FONDUE – this is a very traditional French mountain dish. Diners spear cubes of bread onto long-stemmed forks and twirl them into a communal pot of melted cheese which sits on a portable stove. It’s a very convivial meal, best enjoyed in a group, and the sauce is often laced with a sneaky amount of alcohol! It’s easy to get a little drunk when eating a Fondue! Danni and Olivier eat this one night, washed down with a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Heavenly!
  8. ESPRESSO – it’s not just the Italians who like a small cup of supercharged coffee in the morning. No, the French consume just as much. This is how Olivier starts the day, with not one cup, but about five! Danni prefers freshly brewed filter coffee.
  9. FRENCH MEN MAKE GREAT LOVERS – I’m not sure whether proper research has ever been carried out in this department (!), but I have it on good authority that French men make very sensual lovers and are way more amorous than other nationalities. Anyone care to cast an opinion on this?!
  10. FRENCH MEN HAVE A TERRIBLE REPUTATION FOR HAVING MISTRESSES – this is true! Indeed, when French President Mitterand died in 1996 his long-standing mistress attended his funeral alongside his widow. I guess they do things differently in France! Anyway, in Weak at the Knees, Danni is worried about Olivier and the reputation of his fellow men. The question is, does she need to be worried?............................…

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