Wednesday 22 April 2015

British Tennis is Sexist and I'm Fuming!

I am so ANGRY! Yes, with a capital 'A'. It's not often that sport elicits such a strong reaction in me, but basically this is the story. I have boy/girl twins, age 12 years. They are both crazy mad about tennis and great little players too. The club they attend has a series of league matches with similar clubs starting from this weekend. My twins play in the 12 years and under's division. But the only tournament being offered is for boys 12 and under. Apparently there are not enough good 12 year old girl tennis players in the club to offer a team for a female tournament.No worries, I thought. My daughter can still play. Indeed she plays as well as, if not better, than most of the boys in the same age group in her club. But no, the league organizers, in their infinite wisdom, have determined that she cannot play in a boys tournament even though they are unable to offer an alternative. How, please tell me, is this encouraging GREAT BRITAIN to develop GREAT women players?!
It is NONSENSICAL and my daughter is extremely upset that she cannot play, even though chances are she would beat the boys.
Seriously, if I were to scream right now, it would be such a ferocious, shrill, bestial noise that chances are it would shake the foundations of the house and shatter the glass windows.
Any tips on what I should do and how I should handle this willingly received.
Should my daughter try stuffing her waist- length blond hair under a cap and pretend she's a boy?

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