Monday, 1 July 2013

Weak at the Knees

Very exciting news - the publication date for my second novel has just been announced: September 20th 2013. It's called Weak at the Knees and its cover (very sexy) is being revealed at the end of this month on July 26th - I will of course share that on this blog as soon as I am able. The novel is in the new adult/contemporary romance genre and is a story about love, loss and relationships set between London and the heart of the French Alps. I'm currently gripped by a thrilling new French paranormal drama which is being shown with subtitles on Channel 4 in the UK. Its called 'The Returned' (in French it's 'Les Revenants') and it is truly brilliant - spooky, suspense-filled and with a cast to die-for. Better still, the male French love interest in my novel (Olivier du Pape) suddenly came to life for me when I spotted the actor playing Simon in The Returned. Meet Pierre Perrier:

If the world hasn't yet heard of Pierre Perrier then they soon will and I'm excited to be one of the first to spot him. His charisma on screen brings to mind a French Johnny Depp. Pierre is HOT HOT HOT - and should I ever be lucky enough to have my book made into a film then Pierre would definitely be a contender to play my Olivier..................Olivier Martinez would come a close second, although he is now probably a little to old to play the character......................
But seriously, if you haven't yet seen The Returned and have the chance to catch it on I-Player, then you won't be disappointed. Perhaps its the start of a whole host of French Noir drama to hit our screens following the raft of Nordic Noir with the Killing and The Bridge et al......
Any other ideas for sexy French leading male actors please let me know - the French window dresser in the recent ITV drama Mr Selfridge was pretty gorgeous too...........!!

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