Sunday, 7 July 2013

Perfect family holidays!

Well, ok, the sun is shining finally in the UK and now that we're basking in the glory of a Wimbledon win (HOORAH, finally after 77 years we have a British champ) perhaps a staycation will be the must-do family holiday option.
But if you fancy jetting off to somewhere not too pricey and short haul for a family holiday with a difference, then check out these possibilities:

The kinderhotels (a group of Austrian hotels geared towards families) are truly brilliant and great value for a great product. To date I've stayed in at least six different kinderhotels, both in winter for ski and in summer too, and I've even chosen to holiday at a kinder hotel called Gina's in southern Austria TWICE it was that good - my children loved it. There's a lovely mountain lake about a ten minute walk away which my husband and I used to go and swim in - we left the children happily playing in the hotel's mini-club. But had my children been older then we would have enjoyed taking them to the lake too...............

Holland America cruise lines is another deluxe option which (if you can bear the thought of being in an inside cabin) is excellent, all-inclusive value. Apparently it's THE most luxurious cruise liner on the seas at the moment, but I haven't yet been on one so have no personal experience..........

Anyway, check out the link above and I hope it gives you some fresh, last minute ideas.

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