Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon

Well, my dream did come true - I did manage to get tickets for Wimbledon this year and better still I got to take my tennis-mad son Gabriel with me!
The strawberries and cream this year, for once, weren't ridiculously stingy and overpriced. £2.50 bought us a generous helping of both, with a sprinkling of sugar, which we enjoyed on Murray Mound overlooking Center Court:
Deeeelicious and even count as one (if not two) of our 'five a day'!

An exciting day was had by all, although, boo hoo, all my heroes (Nadal, Roger Federer etc) have been knocked out, so there aren't many players left in the tournament that really excite me.
But on the bright side, it didn't even rain!
We were so close to this outside court that we just wanted to hop over the fence, grab a racket and start playing. Think anyone would have noticed?!

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