Tuesday, 8 November 2016


About two weeks ago I was in Jamaica for the day. I'd heard that the exclusive Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay (whose concierge let slip that a certain Usain Bolt had been there just two days earlier) has an equestrian centre which offers something to the public which nowhere else (apparently) in the world does. And that activity is: swimming with horses.
My daughter and I snapped up the chance to have a go and booked up the Surf and Turf experience. First we rode the horses through fields towards the beach.

Then we stripped down to our bikinis. 

Saddles were removed from the horses (big yikes - riding a horse bareback is petrifying!) and then we rode the horses out in the sea. When they got out of their depth and started swimming it was scary, exhilarating, surreal and darn hard to keep holding onto our horse by the mane. Eventually we were told to shimmy down the horse's back until we were holding onto their tails (they promised it didn't hurt) and they were tugging us along. It was amazing, unlike ANYTHING I'VE EVER DONE BEFORE! Yes, utterly memorable. 

We came back, drank coconuts which had been picked straight from the trees and even did some acrobatics on the horses. I don't look at all scared, do I?!

Anyway, here's a video of the adventure, in case you can't quite believe what you are reading!

Happy viewing and if you ever go swimming with horses, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And I hope you get to see Usain Bolt at the Half Moon Hotel too - he lives not too far from Montego Bay. In fact, we passed his secondary school and the track he used to train on there en route to the hotel...

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