Thursday, 13 October 2016


Honestly, I never, EVER wanted any pet.
But this is how it happened. 
My daughter wanted a pet. 
I got her a hamster. 
She loved and looked after that hamster beautifully, all by herself. 
Then the hamster died. 
So I bought her another one. 
The same thing happened: she loved, she looked after and eventually the hamster died of old age. 
Then she wanted another pet - but not a hamster. 
Rabbits and guinea pigs are too hard to look after. 
Dogs require too much walking and looking after. 
And so we decided on a cat. 
Why a ragdoll?
I heard that they love cuddles, people and being handled, all things that I knew my daughter would want in a pet. 
I still didn't want one, but then I met Jerald. 
And I fell in love. 
Aren't ragdolls the just the cutest?! It's like having another baby in the house. 
He's cheeky and fun and loves to play: 
With empty boxes of any kind!
In the box below he's wondering if he's 'free range' or organic!!
He is officially the new man in my life and particularly likes my bed!
And recently he got in the way of my filming, but I didn't have the heart to cut him out because he looked so cute. So if you want to see him in action, check through to the end of this video to watch him make his first cameo appearance. Tell me if you can't take your eyes off him?!

Happy viewing!
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