Monday, 29 September 2014

The story behind the story...


What made me write Now is our Time?

Love never runs smoothly, in real life or in fiction. My first two novels are contemporary romances and their stories are all about the heroine’s first big love. But what happens when the first ‘big’ love gets away? I’ve always wanted to write a second chance love story and this time round I wanted my heroine to have lived a little more - for it to feel a bit more ‘real’.

Now is our Time reflects the lives I see around me. Friends have married, started families and some have sadly divorced. But divorce doesn’t mean it’s all over and that’s what my heroine Claire explores. She found her first love, lost it and years later, whilst she might think it’s too late, perhaps it isn’t…………………no spoilers here!

This story is part set in London (where I live) and part set in San Diego, California, where I holidayed last Easter. I fell so in love with it (as did my children) that it felt like the perfect place for the American hero of the story, Jonah Kennedy, to come from. Heck, I’d like to live there too!

I really hope you all enjoy it and that, if necessary, you get your second chances, third chances, fourth chances………..

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