Friday, 12 September 2014

Be in it to win it - Now really IS our time!

The day has finally arrived - my third novel Now is our Time has been published - I'm very excited! I fell so in love with the hero Jonah Kennedy as I wrote this and I hope you do too.
For your delectation here is a new excerpt: 

Jonah’s back was to her and she took the opportunity to observe him for a couple of minutes transfixed, watching his muscular arms at WORK, picking up the tongs and turning the chicken thighs and burgers over. She’d always loved every glorious inch of his body, warts, scars and all, but if she had to choose her favourite part, it would be his strong, sportsman’s arms. She could feel her breath quicken. She wanted to touch them. She needed to touch them. She tiptoed barefoot towards him and caught him unawares, pinning her stomach against his back as she ran her hands up and down his triceps. Half a minute later he spun round to face her and they stilled, their foreheads touching as the tips of their noses performed a languorous Eskimo kiss.
“Do you know what?” he said, his forehead still glued to hers.
“If it’s possible, I think you’re more beautiful now than you were when I last knew you.”
“It’s not ‘rubbish’,” he mocked her accent, wearing a playful smirk on his face. “It’s the truth. I think thirty-seven must be the perfect age for a woman. You’re coming into your sexual and physical peak.”
He trailed his hands to the hem of her black vest t-shirt and wormed his way underneath, stroking her bare back before teasingly slipping his hands towards her front, tickling the sides of her waist as his fingers continued on a northbound trajectory, lightly grazing her breasts. Claire’s breath hitched.
“Do you have any idea what you do to me? What you’ve always done to me?” Jonah asked.
Claire shook her head, but really she did have a very good idea. And if she could have taken her mind off his travelling fingers she might have found the courage to admit that he made her feel as nobody else had done and how her body ached for him. She floated her hands from his biceps to the back of his neck and pulled his mouth urgently to hers, whimpering as he parted her lips with his tongue, her whole body tingling with desire.
“If we wait a bit longer,” Jonah whispered with their mouths still meshed, “it will be even more sensational.”
Claire was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about the chicken. She nodded in agreement, pulling away with a smile.
“I think we should eat then,” she suggested.

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