Friday, 2 August 2013


That's what I've had this summer.
Well, ok, it's only been made possible because we've had such amazing weather here in the UK (duh, and a few weeks back I was complaining about how it wouldn't stop raining!) but hey, better to have the epiphany late in life than never at all.
I'm going to be honest. And it hurts. For the last twenty years I've enjoying eating BBQ's round at other peoples' houses, but when it's come to doing my own I've always bought these little tiddly aluminium disposable BBQ trays which fit a maximum of 6 burgers if you're lucky. It's a shocking admission for someone who enjoys their food as much as I do.
But with long balmy evening night after night here in London, I finally made a radical appeal to my husband:
"Darling, I think we should buy a proper BBQ."
That was all the inspiration he needed. A couple of hours later he returned with a beautiful Weber model and we've never looked back.
Meal after meal has been enjoyed in our back garden, accompanied by a cool crisp bottle of chardonnay. We've barbecued burgers, sausages, chicken, sea bass (my favorite), vegetable kebabs with haloumi cheese and one other key dish (see next post). I now can't get enough of the BBQ and can't believe I held off for so long. And what's more, we've enjoyed entertaining in the garden, making each meal a lovely social event. Tomorrow night we've Italian family from Roma coming - let's see if they prefer my home-made BBQ to their home-made pizza.
My beautiful late mother always used to say: "Food tastes so much nicer outside".
Here, here.

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