Monday, 23 June 2014

New man in my life....met him at SeaWorld, California!

I recently got back from a research trip to San Diego, California, where my new novel (coming out in September) will be set. I took the kids and wow, did we have a great time. Nobody wanted to come home. In fact, San Diego was such an awesome place that we all decided it would be the perfect place to live and nobody wanted to come home.
We did so much great stuff (will write more in another post) but SeaWorld topped the list. Days don't come much better than the one we spent there and best of all, we got to take part in a special dolphin interraction program which was amazing.
Meet the new man in my life. He's called Toby and was the best kisser!

And we all got taken on rides by him of the most memorable things we've ever, ever done. 

Not only did we swim with dolphins, we touched sharks, saw penguins galore, watched a couple of magnificent shows - one with legendary Shamu, the Killer Whale, but our favourite was Pet's Rule!, a show which starred a load of domestic pets performing the cutest of stunts. And of course, there were the rides. I normally hate roller coasters and while there were a couple which I let the children ride alone (after I'd tried it out once) there were some tremendous watery rides which I couldn't get enough of. Journey to Atlantis was one of them, which ended in a near vertical drop and a mega splash!! 
This photo was taken of my children before they wound up to the vertical drop, and they were having such fun that I did it another three times with them afterwards!
I think these were ray fish, which my daughter was trying, and later succeeded in touching. Seriously, I could NOT get my children to leave the park. We arrived before it even opened and we were some of the very last people to leave - that's how good it was!

If you haven't yet been to SeaWorld, then I cannot rate it highly enough. My children have been lucky enough to accompany me on many of my travel trips as a journalist, and SeaWorld would definitely rank in their (and mine) top five things to do.

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