Monday, 24 June 2013


Today Wimbledon starts and it's not yet even raining!
Whilst I've always had a penchant for Roger Federer and secretly wish (shush, don't tell my husband) that I was married to him, in answer to yesterday's post, it's probably not much of a surprise to learn that whilst my husband WAS in the men's singles finals of  a London tennis club yesterday, it was not on the hallowed turf that is SW19. What's more, he did not win......................but I'm proud of him all the same. As my youngest daughter said: "First's the worst, second's the best.................". Hope she hasn't mentioned that to Andy Murray!
What with my penchant for Roger Federer............and Nadal a close second, I've always had a longing to breed a Wimbledon champ and happily two out of three of my children do love playing and are pretty damn good at it too. Unlike Agassi's father (who hung a tennis ball above the champion's cot when he was a baby) I haven't resorted to those kind of extremes, but check out the article below to see what I HAVE resorted to:

And below's picture was taken from a Cunard Mediterranean cruise last summer where they had a half-size tennis court on deck, would you believe!
Anyway, roll on the strawberries and cream and let's pray that this year, for Andy, is THE year - although truth be told, in last years' final I really did struggle with my loyalties: Andy v Federer.

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