Sunday, 28 January 2018


Hello everyone and hope you're having a nice weekend wherever you are in the world.

Over the last year or so I've had great fun building my YouTube channel: Go with Jo. I've been travelling round the world for work, making and editing short videos of places I've stayed in and things I've done, and it's been a great, fun journey. Judging from the thousands of views some of my videos have had, these films have given pleasure to lots of people around the globe. Perhaps my films have helped transport them to a different, more exotic place. Or perhaps my films have furnished them with useful advice. Or perhaps I gave somebody a tip to help make their own travels safer and more enjoyable.

Adverts are currently run on these films which make me a tiny bit of money and YouTube a much bigger amount of money.

However, YouTube is soon changing it's terms of agreement. Because my channel is not one of the 'big hitters', from the end of February I will no longer be entitled to make money from advertising on my videos;  nor will YouTube be compelled to pay me the money I have earned them so far.

This is very bad news for the 'little person' with a platform on YouTube. Whilst we can continue to have our channels, we will not be able to make money from them until we have 4,000 hours worth of views in a year (which is a lot)  and at least 1k subscribers.

I am nearly there with my views, but I am short of subscribers and wondered if you could help me with both.

Please, if you can and if you have time, could you take a look at my channel, watch some of my films and subscribe? If you do, not only will you be helping the 'little person', but you may well learn some useful travel ideas/tips on the way...and I will be eternally grateful.

Here's the link:

Many thanks, see you all soon and please feel free to share. There are others in a similar position to me and perhaps, if we all stick together, we can make a difference and convince YouTube to change their mind.

Bye for now


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